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Expected Results with a Repaired Prop


The process I use to repair wood and carbon fiber props lends itself to strength and not so much to beauty. I don't spend a great deal of time trying to make a repaired prop look like new because that won't happen. You can't make a silk purse out of a donkey ear as the old saying goes.

The props that arrive at my shop are essentially worthless. I make the repairs and balance them for smooth performance, not for looks. Once you start the engine, looks don't count for anything.

I fly all of my repaired props in the same form as those I ship out. If you want a more refined look and finish; have at it. But, keep in mind you will sacrifice some strength for those looks. It will take about three or four hours and several days to get a pretty finish. I'm not willing to charge the customer for cosmetics. After all, it is a spare prop that will probably get busted again in short order. Especially if you're luck is anything like mine.

In short, if you want a prop that looks really good--buy a new one. Need a spare to use at the beach, for training, or to keep you in the air? If so, send your broken prop to me, and we'll get you fixed up for a reasonable price.
OK, you got my attention!
I got my repaired prop back and was stunned at the finished product. I just stood there turning it over in my hands for 3-5 minutes, not believing it was what I sent you. Unbelievable!
Unlike my past experience with repaired props, this LOOKS GREAT! I didnít have to spend an hour refinishing it again Ė it looked nice from the start.
I donít know how you managed it, but THANK YOU.
Tom Nosack

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