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We are now offering a new aluminum cage and frame that you may use to replace your damaged cage/frame or for your project PPG. The cage and frame comes pre-drilled for your existing motor or whatever your using for your project and includes the netting. Our cage and frame is priced at only $845.00 plus shipping to your location. The cage/frame is available with high J-Bars. The harness may be purchased for an additional $349.95 and the fuel tank for $69. We import this unit from Thailand reducing the cost far below similar units. We are now offering a complete a PPG featuring motors by Compact Radial in 18 and 28 hp starting at $4495. Please contact me if you need additional information.


Prop Balancer by Olympic Paragliding

This unit is modeled after the Balancer I use in my propeller repair business. It is simple to use, assemble, and set up only takes a few minutes. It can be used to balance two or three blade wood and carbon fiber propellers. Included are directions and professional tips to balance your wood or carbon fiber propeller.

Cost is $25.00 plus shipping to anyplace in the continental U.S. To get yours, contact Olympic Paragliding at 360-374-9247.

Prop Balancer

Assembly Instructions

In the box, you will find two longer 1"x 4" pieces and one shorter. Assemble the two longer uprights to the shorter with the supplied (taper base) wood screws. Place the shorter base piece on a hard flat surface and fit the uprights. The uprights should be parallel to each other. If they are not, adjust them before installing the screws. The holes are pre-drilled, and the screws started. To make the assembly stronger, it is recommended that wood glue be applied to the joints. Finish, such as varnish, can also be added if desired.

Make sure the assembly is placed on a hard flat surface. It is suggested a weight be placed on the bottom piece to hold the assembly motionless while making the adjustments. Use a carpenter's level to adjust each spindle beam (the angle aluminum on top of each upright) until it is perfectly level. To level, insert a shim under the low side until the beam is level.

Your kit is supplied with a 1" and ¾" diameter spindle shaft. One inch is commonly used on wood props and ¾" for carbon fiber. Slide the spindle into the center hole of your prop. If it will not fit, enlarge the hole using a wood boring bit or sandpaper. If you have a carbon fiber prop, use a metal drill bit (not wood boring) of the appropriate size, usually ¾", or use sand paper. If the spindle is loose, add a little masking tape to the spindle to achieve a tight fit. When adding masking tape, make one wrap then cut the tape so the ends do not overlap. Fit the spindle into the prop hole until there is an equal amount protruding on each side of the prop.

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Throttle Assembly


Throttle Assembly

I manufacture a throttle assembly for use on powered paragliders, which you see pictured below.  I could not find a throttle assembly available on the Internet for less than $100, and most were considerably more.  The kill switch has always been a problem on every throttle I’ve used.  The switch used on this throttle is available at Radio Shack.   Their model number is 275-609, and the cost is minimal.  The throttle cable is 6 feet long, the cable housing is five feet long, and the outer cover is 3 ½ feet in length.  This will provide the user with sufficient length for right or left-hand application.

I use an upgraded three-finger bicycle brake lever for the throttle.  The lever has a built in return spring to assist in closing.  For a cruise control, use the pink eraser model.  Directions to build that cruise control are available on this web site or at Alex Varv’s Invention Page.

So if you need a throttle assembly for your project PPG, or for a retro-fit, check this out.  The complete throttle assembly is only $79.00 plus shipping. 



Throttle Assembly


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Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank 5 Gal5 Gal Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank InstalledTank Installed

The new OlympicPPG fuel tank has a 5-gallon capacity and measures 10 1/4" High x 15" Wide x 8.5" Deep. The tank is translucent so the fuel level can be easily checked, and it uses a 3.5 inch tethered fuel cap for easy filling. It comes with the pickup and vent fittings already installed. The price is $129.95 plus shipping. The Hercules frame will accept the new 5-gallon tank. If you like cross-country flying or have a quad with a 313cc engine, this is the fuel tank for you. Before ordering, check you frame dimensions to ensure it will fit or what modifactions will be required to allow a fit.

Fuel Tank Installed on PPG

      Prop Balancer ESD Switch   Cage & Frame

Cage & Frame

Cage & Frame


Redrive Bearings


6004 Redrive bearings are available for $5.95 each.  This is the most commonly used bearing in redrive's.


Throttle Assy
Cage & Frame
Prop Insert
  Prop Balancer ESD Switch   Fuel Tank

Prop Insert

Fiberglass Insert Protects Prop From Damage

As of March 2006, I'm now offering a modification for beach and sand fliers. The sand at these locations will rapidly erode a wood prop. I can take your wood prop and install a leading edge insert to reduce the wear considerably. Approximately 9 to 10 inches of the leading edge is partially removed and layed up with fiberglass. The results have been great. I've had numerous strikes with small pebbles and the insert has suffered no damage. The price to install the insert is $59.95. It is all done by hand and takes considerable time, but the results are worth it. If your prop will last three times as long, you're money ahead! I can also install the insert on props that are already damaged by sand erosion, other damage, or on new propellers.

This is an email I received from a customer regarding his new prop with a fiberglass insert.

Hi Tom, A little while back I purchased a new propeller from you for use on my Black Hawk Black Devil. It had the fiberglass leading edges for better sand resistance. I had not used it until this weekend because the bolt holes were a little undersized and I had to get a bigger drill bit to drill them out. Anyway, I took it down to Baja for 3 days of beach flying and it was *AWESOME*. It is a lighter prop then the one that came with the motor and it spools up faster, revs higher, and gave me a noticeable increase in climb rate. I am very impressed! As a bonus, it still looks almost new! The fiberglass did a great job holding up to the sand. My buddy Mike put on a brand new wood prop for the weekend and did the same amount of flying as me. At the end of the weekend his prop was so worn down it looked almost concave. I think Mike is planning to send a couple props your way for the fiberglass edge treatment, you will probably hear from him in the next few days. So thanks a bunch for doing an awesome job and giving me a great prop! --Dan Schooler

Prop Protector 1
Layout for the shape of the area to be protected

Prop Protector 2
Removal of the wood 

Prop Protector 3
Lay-up of fiberglass 

Prop Protector 4
Lay-up of fiberglass

Prop Protector 5
Prop after sanding 

Prop Protector 6
Lay-up of the finished and ready to fly prop with urethane coating


Throttle Assembly
Redrive Bearings
Cage & Frame
  Prop Balancer ESD Switch   Fuel Tank

E.S.D. (Emergency Shut Down Switch - Automatic)

ESD Switch

Olympic Paragliding is pleased to announce the addition of the E.S.D. to our product line. The emergency shut-down switch is standard equipment on our line of Hercules PPG's, but it now available to everyone.

An emergency shut-down switch is designed to shut off the engine in case of a full-throttle startup on the ground. I've seen several designs I liked, but they were either too complicated (also too expensive) or unreliable.

Our ESD switch kit is easy to install and very reliable. The kit comes with about everything you will need to complete the installation. The design is based on an industrial mercury switch. It can be mounted directly to the engine or to the frame. When mounted correctly, the switch will shut off the engine when the frame of the PPG tilts back toward the operator at a preset angle determined by the installer. A toggle switch is added to bypass the mercury switch after engine startup and before flight.

If the motor falls over, or is pushed over by a full-throttle startup, the mercury switch closes and the motor stops. The system is very simple, and therefore, reliable and easy to use and maintain.

The kit comes complete with most everything needed for an installation, which should only require about 20 or 30 minutes of effort.

Price is only $49.95 plus shipping. No handling charges are added.


Throttle Assembly
Redrive Bearings
Prop Insert
  Prop Balancer Cage & Frame   Fuel Tank


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