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PPG Flying Site Information

Olympic Paragliding relocated to the Benton Arkansas area in 2010. The current flying site is the Saline County Municipal Airport.

Powered Paraglider Wood and Carbon Fiber Propeller Repair

At Olympic Paragliding, I offer wood and carbon fiber propeller repair for all makes of powered paragliders; some powered hang gliders.   I repair wood and carbon fiber propellers.  If your prop is questionable, please call or email me a photo of the damaged area.  The average price to repair wood propellers is $75 and the average for carbon fiber props is $90.00.  Shipping is an additional charge and usually costs between $10 and $19 each way depending on size, weight, and distance.  Enclose your contact information in the box.  Please clean the oil off your propeller prior to shipping.  If you have broken pieces from your wood propeller, please send them with the prop.  If you have a 2 or 3 piece carbon fiber prop, send all the blades (even if not damaged) so the set can be balanced.

New Wood Propellers for Powered Paragliders

I import new wood props for most Powered Paragliders.  These PPG propellers are imported from Thailand from a family that has been building them for me exclusively for a decade.  The current price for wood propellers is $175.00 plus shipping.  I charge only actual shipping charges and do not add a handling fee.  See the New Props page for a current inventory list.

Propeller Balancer

I manufacture a simple Propeller Balancer for only $22.00.  If you don't have a prop balancer, you need to check this one out.

Propeller Leading Edge Insert

As an additional service, Im now offering a modification for beach and sand fliers.  The sand at these locations will rapidly erode a wood prop rendering it useless in a matter of a few hours. 

I can modify your existing propeller or make the addition to new propellers, which will extend the life of your propeller in these environments considerably.  I can also make the modification to propellers already eroded by sand.  So take that prop off the wall and put it back to work.

I fiberglass both sides of the propeller 12 inches back from the tip.  The modification makes the wooden propeller nearly as strong as a carbon fiber prop and a lot more resistant to sand erosion.  The cost of the modification is $75.00.  Ive had customers destroy a wood propeller in one weekend of flying.  With the fiberglass overlay, the same weekend of beach flying yielded a prop that still looked like new.









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